Amateur to IM. Click to learn more.

Amateur to IM: Proven Ideas and Training Methods

Author: Jonathan Hawkins

Price: $11.99 Kindle, $29.95 Hardcover, $29.95 Paperback

Length: 372 pages

Release Date: November 16, 2012

Book Description: IM Hawkins presents special material aimed to help you become a much better practical player, one armed with a deeper understanding of key aspects of chess.

The Russian Endgame Handbook. Click to learn more.

The Russian Endgame Handbook

Author: Ilya Rabinovich

Price: $24.99 Hardcover, $29.95 Paperback

Length: 524 pages

Release Date: November 16, 2012

Book Description: Rabinovich raises the beginner's understanding of the endgame to a sophisticated level, starting with elementary checkmates and then moving on to the principles for handling complex endgames and advanced concepts in king-and-pawn endings, such as the theory of corresponding squares.

Chess Camp Volume 4: Move, Attack, and Capture. Click to learn more.

Chess Camp Volume 4: Elementary Endgames

Author: Igor Sukhin

Price: $11.95 Hardcover

Length: 116 pages

Release Date: December 16, 2011

Book Description: In this fourth volume, Elementary Endgames, the student will: 1) learn how to deliver fundamental checkmates such as a king and a rook against a lone king; 2) discover how to avoid stalemating the opposing king, and how to induce stalemate when threatened with checkmate; and 3) develop not only an understanding of concepts such as passed pawns and king opposition, but also a sense of confidence in the final phase of the game.

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