Capablanca: A Primer of Checkmate. Click to learn more.

Capablanca: A Primer of Checkmate

Author: Frisco Del Rosario

Price: $19.95 Paperback

Length: 176 pages

Release Date: October 16, 2010

Book Description: In this groundbreaking work, award-winning chess coach and author Frisco Del Rosario shines a long-overdue light on this neglected aspect of Capablanca's record. He illustrates how the Cuban genius used positional concepts to build up irresistible king hunts, embodying the principles of good play advocated by the unequaled teacher, C.J.S. Purdy.

The Genius and the Misery of Chess. Click to learn more.

The Genius and the Misery of Chess

Author: Zhivko Kaikamjozov

Price: $11.95 Kindle, $19.95 Paperback

Length: 224 pages

Release Date: September 22, 2008

Book Description: This book recounts all facets of chess stories - the woe of the aged master, the triumph of the prodigy, the sometime reversal of fortune in the other extreme. From as-Suli of the ninth century to Magnus Carlsen of the twenty first - the triumphs and tragedies that shaped their lives.

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