About Us

Boston-based Mongoose Press is known for a wide range of chess publications: from Chess is Child's Play, aimed at parents of 3 year-olds, to The Complete Hedgehog, GM Shipov's extensive 1,100 page opening study, to Masters of Technique, an anthology of chess fiction.

Placing a lot of emphasis on adult improvement, Mongoose Press has, for example, published several books by NM Dan Heisman, including such titles as the Improving Chess Thinker and World's Most Instructive Amateur Game Book. A brand-new book by Dan, tentatively titled Is It Safe?, is scheduled for early 2016.

Unlike many other chess publishers, Mongoose Press is not necessarily looking for authors with the highest chess qualifications. Rather, they focus on publishing books from authors who excel at making explanations accessible to amateurs. Pete Tamburro (Openings for Amateurs) and Jonathan Hawkins (Amateur to IM) are two such authors; when Hawkins become a Grandmaster it of course helped to highlight the merits of his methods, and perhaps implied the need for a sequel!

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